Giving to God by giving to and through Emmanuel

How Emmanuel’s finances differ from other churches

Emmanuel is part of the Church of England but as a “proprietary chapel” we are financially independent. We neither contribute to, nor receive support from, the central funds of the C of E. Thus we are wholly responsible for:
  • Paying staff salaries and living accommodation;
  • Meeting the running expenses of Emmanuel, including the costs of the church premises, as well as several properties used to house staff and ministry trainees;
  • The cost of our youth work, church groups and evangelistic events.

We also give a significant proportion of our income away (c. £250,000 in 2018) to support other Christian work outside Emmanuel. This includes people working overseas to spread the gospel in places such as Mozambique, Japan and India, as well as churches in the UK which may be struggling financially.

Ways to give

1. Online

The quickest and simplest way to make one-off donations and set up recurring donations is online by following this link. You will also be able to fill in a gift aid form as do so. Payments will be taken via direct debit. If you need cancel a recurring donation please contact the treasurer.

2. Standing order

The second way to give is to complete a standing order through your online banking. This can be done in a couple of minutes! Please contact Ed Coleridge or Hilary Rendell for Emmanuel's account details.

The other option is to fill in a standing order form (available from Ed or Hilary on request).

If your financial circumstances change, you can easily change the amount you give or stop altogether by contacting your bank.

3. One-off donations

This can be done via online banking or by cheque (made payable to "Emmanuel Church Wimbledon") to Hilary via the "R" pigeon hole.

Cash donations should be put in an envelope (clearly marked with your name) and placed in the church collection box.

Gift Aid

- If you are a tax payer please fill in the Gift Aid Declaration and return it to Hilary via the "R" pigeon hole.
- Emmanuel has charitable status and can reclaim substantial amounts of tax through “Gift Aid”.
- For every £80 donated the church can claim back £20 from the government.
- You simply need to be paying enough Income tax or Capital Gains tax in the tax year to cover the amount of tax that we and any other charities you give to will reclaim on your gifts.
- If you are fortunate enough to pay tax at the higher (40%) rate, you can also recover the extra 20% for yourself on the completion of your tax return.

3. Charitable Organisations

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and similar charitable organisations are unconnected with the church but provide a means of making charitable donations in a tax-efficient way in return for a small charge. If you have a CAF or similar account, you can use it to give to Emmanuel either by cheque or by standing order.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact: 

- Ed Coleridge at


- Hilary Rendell at

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