Special Needs

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Emmanuel is blessed with a small number of children and adults with special needs, who regularly attend on a Sunday.  A small group of church family members independently provide and co-ordinate support during services for these individuals.
Although support for church family members is run independently by the co-ordinators themselves, the church office are happy to pass any enquiries on to them. E-mail: hello@emmanuelwimbledon.org.uk



Special Needs Group

The Emmanuel Special Needs Group is a group of Christian parents, most of whom have a child or children who do not fit into the “normal” profile for some reason. We have a diverse membership from currently about six different churches and meet on a fortnightly basis (during term time) to chat, share concerns and offer mutual support and pray together.

As with all Christian parents it is our deepest desire that our children come to enjoy a living relationship with Christ. We also seek to renew our own strength through Christian fellowship and prayer.

If you would like more information on this group please contact Juliet Blows.