What does science have to say about sexuality? 


On Sunday morning this term we've been in the the opening chapters of Genesis. These are foundational for everything else that follows in the Bible, and it would be hard to over-estimate just how important chapters they are. On Sunday evenings, we have looked at some of the ways the New Testament picks up and applies the teaching of Genesis 1-4.

Last Sunday evening we looked at how Jesus's words in Matthew 19 verses 4 and 12 helps us to think through the issue of transgender and intersex. This Sunday evening we're looking at what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. These issues are inter-connected with so many other issues, including science. I was greatly helped therefore by this article by Ian Paul on "What does science say about sexuality?" It makes fascinating reading, and helps with the objection we often hear, "But I was born gay". Do have a read. And do join us this Sunday evening as we learn together from God's word. 

Robin Weekes, 01/11/2016